Welcome to haw & thorn, a collection of my writings on the subjects of witchcraft, herbalism, the history of magic, folklore and working with the land.

I have been a practicing witch for some fifteen years and currently reside in Yorkshire, in the North of England. Trained as a historian, I am particularly interested in the origins of magical practices and the changing role of magic in European society. However, I embrace contemporary witchcraft and occultism and consider myself a modern witch. While I am inspired by traditional practices, I do not regard 21st century magic as any less authentic.

My own practice involves working closely with and for the land, the genii loci and the local bio-region. I have studied astrology and Western herbal medicine and developed an interest in natural magic and esoteric herbalism. I am likewise fascinated by lapidaries and mineral lore. While I enjoy the academic pursuit of the hermetic arts, my daily practice is strongly rooted in British folk magic. I can usually be found star-gazing in fields, counting magpies and foraging in hedges.